Privacy policy

Haga Slott AB, C.I.N. 556086-2350, Haga Slotts allé 1, 745 93 Enköping, is the processor of personal data processed within the scope of this policy.

We value your privacy and comply with all legislation intended to protect you as a private individual. Our privacy policy describes the type of information we collect from hotel, conference, and restaurant guests (referred to collectively as “guests”) who use our services. As well as visitors to Haga Slott AB’s website and how Haga Slott AB uses information to better meet our Guests’ needs.

We strive to maintain a high level of personal privacy protection. Haga Slott AB uses Personal data primarily to administer, provide, develop, and maintain the Services, process your bookings, optimise your experience of the Services, and customise our communication with you.

Please read this Privacy policy carefully to understand how and for what purposes we process your Personal data. By giving your Personal data to us and approving the applicable terms and conditions, you consent to your Personal data being processed in accordance with the special terms and conditions for each respective service and this Privacy policy. If the law requires a more specific consent from you, we will of course request this. If you add Personal data for other persons, you are responsible for Haga Slott being allowed to process the Personal data according to the applicable Privacy terms and conditions.

What is Personal data?
The term “Personal data” refers to pieces of information which relate to you and which can be used to identify you as an individual, such as name, address, age, gender, photo, or credit card information.

1. Why are we collecting personal data?

A. To provide a better guest experience
The personal data we collect depends on what is relevant for the purpose described in the specific terms and conditions for each Service and this Privacy policy. The information that may be collected here includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, information to facilitate the use of the Services (such as logging in), preferred language, user history, travel companion information, booking preferences, payments, employment, emergency contacts, special dietary needs, disability adjustment needs, and other information that Guests provide when using the Services.

At Haga Slott AB, our goal is to give our Guests a better customer experience, regardless of whether you are a first-time or recurring guest. Information obtained from Guests or contract customers is used to create individual profiles, through which Haga Slott AB can fulfil its part of existing contracts as well as offer a more flexible, individualised experience.

B. To keep you informed of current Services
The personal data you provide, if you as a Guest have explicitly approved it, may be disclosed to subcontractors which Haga Slott AB has partnerships with in order to send you personalised newsletters about our Services, for example by creating a profile for you and sending you offers which fit your profile as a user of our Services. At various times, Haga Slott AB coordinates or imports Personal data from databases within or outside of Haga Slott AB (e.g. from Facebook or Google) which may be added to your profile (if a profile has been created).

These subcontractors then have a contract with Haga Slott AB and are contractually obliged to protect all personal information that they have access to. You may at any point, free of charge, ask that Haga Slott AB not process your Personal data for marketing purposes, or recall your consent to this. You can also use this right by specifying your preferences on a registration card when staying with us, unsubscribing from our newsletters by e-mail using an unsubscription link, or send your request to from the e-mail address that you have used to communicate with Haga Slott AB.

C. Market surveys
As part of Haga Slott AB’s work to analyse and improve the quality and experience of the Services, we may wish to contact our Guests to carry out surveys or focus groups. This is done to collect comments and feedback regarding the Services provided during your visit. Such information can be collected by a third party according to their contact with us, and they will have a contractual obligation to protect your personal data as follows. We will sometimes combine information from a number of guests to better understand trends and guest expectations. In these situations, all personal data which can be linked to or used to identify specific guests is deidentified.

2. How is personal data collected?

A. Through our website/Cookies
Haga Slott AB uses cookies on its digital services. Information about how Haga Slott AB uses cookies, what they are used for, and how to avoid them can be found in Haga Slott AB’s Cookie Policy.

B. When you make a booking via our website
You can look up prices and availability without submitting any personal data. Visitors to our website who choose to book one of our Services online will need to complete a booking profile the first time they make a booking. When creating a booking profile, you will be asked to provide certain personal data including your name, contact information, and a guarantee to confirm your booking, such as a credit card number. By confirming a booking on our website and approving our booking terms, you consent to Haga Slott AB processing your personal data according to our Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. Credit card numbers will be verified using a control sequence, but no money will be charged from the credit card.

When you have confirmed your booking, all booking information entered by you will be sent to Haga Slott AB’s guest database. When you enter personal data during a booking on our website, we use encryption technology to keep your information secure. We also retain a copy of your reservation profile on our website, with the exception of the credit card number linked to your stay and booking. We use this information to create a log in our web database. We can also combine data from a number of website visitors to identify how the website is used. In these cases, all data which may be used to identify specific visitors is deidentified.

C. When you make a booking via our Booking department
You can also book our Services via our Booking department by e-mail, telephone, or in person at Haga Slott AB. When you are making a booking, we may ask you about personal data such as your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and payment method. We may also need information from you relating to your room, diet, or other preferences. A confirmation of your booking will be sent in writing to the e-mail address specified by you.

D. During your visit
During your visit, costs for the Services you use are registered in order to create billing data. We also register this information to meet the requirements for financial reporting, including those requirements made by accountants and government agencies. We can also collect certain information pursuant to local laws, such as passport numbers. Information specific to your stay may also be stored (i.e. health issues, payment issues, special requests, service issues). This information is stored in our booking system and is combined with information from previous visits that you may have made.

We can also keep the contents in a document (including letters, comment cards, digital documents such as e-mails and similar forms of communication) that you send us before, during, or after your visit. This information may be shared internally with employees at the Castle. Lastly, to prepare for your visit, we may also obtain a profile picture from publicly available source (such as LinkedIn and Facebook) to give you the best possible experience with us.

3. How we store and transfer your personal data

Haga Slott AB stores Personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. Haga Slott AB uses subcontractors, for example for computer maintenance, and Personal data may therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your Personal data only on behalf of Haga Slott AB, according to our instructions, and only after we have signed a personal data processing agreement in accordance with applicable legislation, in order to ensure a high level of protection for your Personal data.

Haga Slott AB may disclose Personal data to third parties such as the police or other government agencies, in cases involving criminal offences or if Haga Slott AB is otherwise obliged to disclose such information pursuant to legislation or decisions by government agencies.

Haga Slott AB does not generally transfer Personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA, but if we for example have a subcontractor in a non-EU/EEA country or if it is necessary in order to carry out our contractual undertakings, transfer of Personal data to a non-EU/EEA country may take place even if the country, according to the European Commission, lacks adequate Personal data protection. To ensure a high level of protection for your Personal data in such situations, as well as compliance with EU/EEA regulations, Haga Slott AB enters into a personal data processing agreement with such subcontractors. Such personal data processing agreements regulate the subcontractors’ processing of Personal data and, where applicable, the transfer of Personal data pursuant to relevant EU/EEA Personal data protection regulations. The contracts contain conditions which the European Commission require and which meet the applicable legislative requirements to protect the transferred Personal data.

4. Protection and deletion of data

Haga Slott AB has taken suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against, for example, loss, manipulation, or unauthorised access. We continuously adapt our security measures to current technological developments.

Haga Slott AB deletes Personal data according to legislation applicable at any given time. This means that Haga Slott AB deletes or deidentifies Personal data when the purpose of the processing of the Personal data no longer exists. The purpose of our processing of your Personal data is stated in the points above and in the Privacy conditions.

5. Other applications /websites

The Services may include links to other applications and/or websites not operated by Haga Slott AB. This Privacy Policy only applies to your use of the Services. Haga Slott AB is not responsible for the contents of linked applications/websites and the processing of Personal data which may be conducted by owners or operators of linked website.

6. Change, delete, and review your personal data

If your Personal data changes, please inform Haga Slott AB of this by sending a message to the address specified under point 9. Haga Slott AB is not responsible for problems arising from Personal data being obsolete or incorrect if you have failed to inform us of the change.

Haga Slott AB will, on your request or when Haga Slott AB becomes aware of it, correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You may also, free of charge, request an extract showing your Personal data which is being processed. A request for such an extract should be made in writing to Haga Slott AB, using the address specified in point 9, and shall be signed by you and contain your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address (used to communicate with Haga Slott AB). The extract is sent to your nationally registered address within one month of the request being received by Haga Slott AB. How often you are entitled to such an extract depends on where you are living.

You can at any time revoke your consent to further processing (not retroactively) of your Personal data by contacting Haga Slott AB at the address specified under point 9, after which Haga Slott AB will prevent such information from being processed further. However, please note that revoking your consent does not affect processing which may be done without consent (e.g. providing Services which you have ordered) but may lead to Services no longer working as intended or Haga Slott AB no longer being able to provide the Services.

7. Transfer

If we sell, reorganise, or otherwise transfer part or all of our operations, your Personal data may be transferred during this as well.

8. Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes to this Privacy Policy are announced by the new terms being published on Haga Slott AB’s websites, so that you always know how we process your personal data. We therefore recommend that you regularly review these terms. Without your explicit consent, we will not limit your rights according to this Privacy Policy in terms of personal data already collected about you.

9. Contact

If you have questions, comments, or complaints concerning Haga Slott AB’s processing of Personal data and compliance with the Privacy terms or relevant Personal data protection legislation, please send a letter to Haga Slott AB, FAO: Personuppgiftsansvarige, Haga Slotts allé 1, 745 93 Enköping.

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