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Centrally located in Mälardalen, Haga Castle is situated near many picturesque churches. Here, you can also be wed at the castle or in our beautiful park. Together with our experienced wedding planners, head waiter, and sommelier, we will guide you through the planning and make sure that everything from the food and the wine to the setting and decoration of the table is to your liking. The wedding dinner is held in one of our Gustavian dining halls and the wedding cake is enjoyed in the portrait room.

We will make it something truly special!

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Vi ingår iLyckornagruppen

Lyckornagruppen ägs av en stiftelse vars syfte är att främja vetenskapligt grundad forskning och utveckling, exempelvis inom hållbar energi.

Lyckorna - Schenströmska Herrgården & Stallet - Haga Slott Enköping - Fagerudd